Underworld conclude series of online-only releases

By Bob Gourley | Originally published in 2006

UnderworldOn June 5 Underwold will release “I’m a Big Sister, and I’m a Girl, and I’m a Princess, and this is my Horse,” the third and final part of their download-only “Riverrun” series. The project began late last year with “Lovely Broken Thing” and “Pizza For Eggs,” both of which are currently on sale at underworldlive.com and include mp3 music files, photos and .pdf cover art files. The series will be followed by a 30 minute retrospective titled “Misterons Mix,” which will be a free download for all who have purchased the three releases.

“The Riverrun series has been a huge success for Rick and I,” said member Karl Hyde in a press statement. “Taking music from the studio and putting it out into the world in a matter of seconds has been something we’ve longed to do. Creatively we get to write and publish new work in ways that suit us, offering a much needed alternative to our traditional album scheduling.”

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