What were the Skinny Puppy songs used at Guantanamo Bay?

When I interviewed Ogre from Skinny Puppy last year, he talked about their music being used for torture at  Guantanamo Bay. After member cEvin Key brought it up in a recent Phoenix New Times interview, the subject has been getting a lot of attention. But which actual songs were used? Unfortunately, Ogre didn’t specify when we spoke, but … Read moreWhat were the Skinny Puppy songs used at Guantanamo Bay?


Skinny Puppy frontman Ogre is back with “DEVILS IN MY DETAILS,” his third release with ohGr. In the following phone interview, he discusses the evolution of ohGr, how tit differers from Skinny Puppy, his appearance in the film musical “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” and more. How does the working relationship with Mark Walk in ohGr … Read moreOgre


An interview with cEvin KEY, conducted on Halloween, 1997. What’s the reason for the less abrasive, more dance-oriented sound on “III”? cEvin: “It actually evolved out of us going on tour, as a different band than what we were accustomed to. We’d never really performed as Download, and I think going out performing and travelling together throughout … Read moreDownload