See how it all began!

Chaos Control Hypercard editionBefore the web as we know it was in wide use, Chaos Control Digizine was published in Macintosh HYPERCARD format. It was cheap (actually free until the color version came out) and provided a lot of possibilities for interactivity and multimedia. These issues were posted on various online and BBS services, as well as distributed on disk (floppy!) Looking at these Hypercard issues again, they stand up pretty well (despite an overuse of Kai’s Powertools in the color editions!). To provide a peek at the origins of Chaos Control Digizine, we’ve posted issues #2 and #8 for downloading. Of course you’ll need a Macintosh to view them, as well as the Hypercard player (follow the link below if you need it.) Unfortunately, Hypercard was never updated for OSX, so it will launch classic mode. Please ignore any weirdness, such as text occasionally getting cut off due to font issues , as these ARE over a decade old!

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