New project from Book Of Love members

Lauren Johnson and Ted Ottaviano of Book Of Love have a new band called The Myrmidons. The group is rounded out by vocalist/guitarist Lori Lindsay and has have launched a website at We’ll be running a full interview with the band soon, but in the meantime asked Lauren to briefly tell us about the project.

“We got the name from a Shangri Las compilation called The Myrmidons of Misery…we thought that was such a cool sounding word. Historically they were a bunch of martyrs who fought tooth and nail against the Trojans in that war and lost miserably. We don’t think of ourselves that way but we do care about the plight of popular music.

Ted and I have been writing on our own and always the stuff we did together seemed different than what we did in BOL, even though it’s still us. We were lucky to have found Lori because she really is an old soul and draws from some of the same pools… but she definitely brings the material alive in a way we never even expected!

We are presently looking for a home for this, in the meantime probably in the next two months we will have some vinyl (7″inches) and the limited edition cd to follow shortly after- both will be available through the website.”

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