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Throughout their long career, electro-Industrial band Front Line Assembly has consistently re-defined their style and musical approach, and their latest release, "Wake Up The Coma" is no exception. The album makes extensive use of guest vocalists, with Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence), Robert Gorl (DAF), Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) and Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Cocksure) making appearances.     › Read the interview


On "Romantic Cancer," her latest release as Globelamp, psych-folk influenced singer/songwriter Elizabeth Le Fey has adopted a much more stripped-down sound than her previous releases. Le Fey's powerful voice can effortlessly bounce between being ethereal and aggressive, and minimalism in the instrumentation lets it truly shine.     › Read the interview

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Feature Interview

Glen Matlock

Glen Matlock is not clinging to his punk days but has maintained the raw energy and knack for using simplicity as power when it comes to songwriting. His recent crowd-funded solo album, "Good to Go" is full of tightly-crafted and catchy rock songs that at times have a rockabilly edge. Matlock recorded it in London and upstate New York, collaborating with Earl Slick (David Bowie) and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats). › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Colin Devlin

Having taken a step back from his solo career to start a family and work on other projects, Colin Devlin has returned with his long-awaited second album, "High Point." Known for his atmospheric songs and nuanced vocals, Devlin initially earned acclaim during the 1990s and early 2000s as part of The Devlins (also featuring his brother Peter). For "High Point," Devlin once again worked with producer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright). › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Carolyn Fok

The work of electronic musician Carolyn Fok spans over four decades and has ranged from aggressive industrial to more ambient soundscapes. It's always had an experimental edge, with meticulous and highly creative sound design. Thanks to a pair of new large-scale collections, Fok's music is now more readily available. › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Secret Affair

Secret Affair was firmly part of the British mod revival of the late 70s, and like the scene itself, did not make it far into the 80s. The group initially disbanded in 1982, but founding members Ian Page and David Cairns are keeping the music alive with an upcoming 40th Anniversary tour. › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Army of the Universe

Electronic/Rock band ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE, who we profiled in 2014, is celebrating 10 years as a band with a remake of their song "Resin" (originally included on their 2011 "Lovedead" EP.) The group was founded in Italy in 2008 by Electronic Dance producer Tebla and singer Lord K, with guitarist Dave Tavecchia joining in 2010. Their music brings together analog synth sounds,  heavy guitars and relentless dance beats. › Read the interview

Feature Interview


Deadbots are a Dublin-based electronic band comprised of couple Paul Kelly and Nina Knezevic (originally from Vancouver). As huge fans of analog synthesizers and other vintage gear, Deadbots have an extremely varied sound that brings together such influences as house, techno, disco, and video games. On November 5, 2018, they will release their debut album, "Love Unlimited" exclusively through their website. › Read the interview

Feature Interview


With influences ranging from 80s era Prince to dreampop, NYC-based duo Nightcaller embraces the music they like without tying themselves down to a particular genre. Their recently released album "Halcyon Daze" is atmospheric and catchy at once, with creative production and sound design making it impossible to pigeonhole. › Read the interview

Feature Interview

The Church

The intensity and freshness of The Church’s 2017 album ‘Man Woman Life Death Infinity’ proved that the Australian band is in no way stuck in the past. But they have also been happy to celebrate their musical history, with such projects as their current US tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their breakout album “Starfish.” › Read the interview

Feature Interview


Heaven 17 frontman Glenn Gregory and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Berenice Scott have worked together on many projects, but Afterhere is the duo's first original pop music creation. The music is sophisticated, slightly dark pop, with Scott handling the majority of the vocals. They recently released "Addict," their debut album as Afterhere. › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Raquel Bell

Experimental musician and dancer Raquel Bell has been involved with many projects over the years, such as Normal Love, Mesiko and The Dialtones. But the recently released "Swandala" marks her debut as a solo artist. Having relocated from New York City to Austin, Texas, Bell found the additional space and time benefited her creative process. › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Robert Poss

When Avant-guitarist Robert Poss set out to make a new solo album, he initially envisioned it as a rock record in the vein of his former group Band Of Susans. But the resulting 'Frozen Flowers Curse The Day' ended up being a much more diverse collection of music. There are ambient tracks, experimental compositions and also vocal-driven rocks songs. Poss explains how the album came together and discusses his creative process. › Read the interview

Feature Interview


When Norway's Mortiis initially put out 'Perfectly Defect,' he was 'super pissed off with previous negative experiences in the record industry' and decided to give the album away to fans during his 2010 tour. Long unavailable, the album now has a proper release on Mortiis' own Omnipresence Records. Mortiis has revisited another of his past works, actively touring with a live reinterpretation of his classic 1994 album “Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør.” › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Tom Bailey

With his new solo album, “Science Fiction,” former Thompson Twins member Tom Bailey has made a welcome return to pop music. After Thompson Twins ended in the early 1990s, Bailey remained active with such projects as Babble and International Observer, but his music had shifted into more experimental and varied directions. But after starting to perform Thompson Twins material live again, he founds his love for pop music re-ignited. › Read the interview

Feature Interview


ZANTi is a new project from Anni Hogan and Derek Forbes. Hogan is known for her solo career work and collaborations with Marc Almond, Nick Cave, Barry Adamson & Wolfgang Flur, among others. Forbes was a long-time member of Simple Minds and has also been part of bands such as Propaganda and Big Country. After 18 months of work, they completed their cinematically inspired eight-song debut album “Broken Hearted City.” › Read the interview

Feature Interview

Midge Ure

Midge Ure is no stranger to radically re-working music from his past. On his 2015 "Fragile Troubadour" tour, he proved that even such Ultravox classics as "Vienna" and "Reap the Wild Wind" could maintain their power when stripped down to just guitar and voice. On his new album, "Orchestrated," Ure goes to the other extreme, re-imaging solo and Ultravox material with the accompaniment of an orchestra. › Read the interview

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