Orgy interviewed about returning with “Karma Kastles” and other new work

Los Angeles-based electronic rock band, Orgy, has a lot of new music in the pipeline, and they’ve just released their first single of 2021, “Karma Kastles.”  Lyrically inspired by people they’ve known in LA over the years, the song had already been included in their live show before Covid-19 put the brakes on live music. … Read more

Kat Leon talks about new Holy Wars single, “TV Dinner”

Holy Wars is the dark pop-rock project of vocalist/songwriter Kat Leon and guitarist/producer Nicolas Perez, who are also accomplished writers/composers for TV and film.  However, with increased attention garnered by WWE using the Holy Wars track “Welcome To My Hell” and the success of the subsequent “Little Godz” single,  the duo is striving to make … Read more

Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes) discusses “The Hideout Sessions”

With the Covid-19 pandemic putting the breaks on regular plans and forcing musicians to get creative, Smoking Popes’ frontman Josh Caterer assembled a trio for a one-off live-streamed performance of the newly released The Hideout Sessions album. Teaming up with John San Juan (Hushdrops) and John Perrin (NRBQ), Caterer covers old songs such as “My … Read more

Industrial/gothic duo Batavia interviewed about new remix album

Batavia is a Jacksonville, Florida-based gothic/industrial band comprised of husband and wife duo Terri and Ed Cripps. Having put out several EPs last year, they have now released a remix album, Batavia And Their Friends. It features such artists as Grendel, Mach Fox, Spankthenun, Syinx and Beta Virus re-working Batavia’s music. The following is an … Read more

Youth Code and King Yosef team up for “A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression”

A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression is a unique new collaborative album from Portland artist/producer King Yosef and LA duo Youth Code. It brings together Yosef’s trap-metal influences with the more electronic/industrial/EBM sound Youth Code is known for and expands into directions neither has gone before. It’s dark and abrasive but also very … Read more

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) talks about his career and the recent re-release of “Trawl”

Over the course of his long career, British artist Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) has worked with a variety of electronic musical styles and has been part of numerous collaborations. His projects beyond his own recordings include scoring contemporary dance productions, sound installations, and musical partnerships such as Scanni (with Anni Hogan). Scanner’s 1996 “Trawl” (a collaboration … Read more

DECOUPLR talk about their debut album, “Digital Bonfire”

DECOUPLR is a new Philadelphia-based duo that blends soulful vocals with a variety of electronic styles. Built upon such sounds as sampled drums, mellotron flutes, and vintage synths, DECOUPLR’s music has a trip-hop edge but isn’t quite like anything else. It strikes a balance of being dark and somewhat cold with being organic and welcoming. … Read more

Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) interviewed about U96 collaboration and other recent work

This past fall saw the release of TRANSHUMAN, a collaboration between German electronic group U96 and former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür. We previously ran an interview with U96’s Hayo Lewerentz, and now we present an email interview with Flür. Flür played percussion with Kraftwerk from 1973 until 1987. After stepping away from music for many … Read more

Interview with Stephen Petix of Washington D.C.-based dark synthpop duo Technophobia

Having put out a string of singles last year, Washington D.C.-based dark pop duo Technophobia has released their long-awaited second album, “Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars.” Consisting of Katie and Stephen Petix, Technophobia relies heavily on analog electronic instruments. This time around, they strived to push themselves even further to come up … Read more