Free album download from Mortiis

UPDATE – The free download of “Perfectly Defect” is not longer active on the Mortiis website. However, “The Great Deceiver” is now out! Click here to sample and buy it!

Mortiis has made a new album, “Perfectly Defect,” available as a free download. While the still in-progress “The Great Deceiver” is the ‘true’ follow-up to 2004’s “The Grudge,” this release serves as a bridge between the two.

“When we were writing and working on ‘The Great Deceiver’, we were coming up with all sorts of inspired stuff, a really varied collection of music,” Mortiis explained in a press release. “Some of it was far too varied and experimental to be included in such an angry, dark album as ‘The Great Deceiver’ so we created a brand new album that is the introductory element to the more intricate world of ‘The Great Deceiver.’”

“Perfectly Defect” can be downloaded from For more info on Mortiis, check out our past interviews.

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