Zombieportraits.com lets you find your inner zombie

zombie.gifEver wonder what you, or someone close to you, might look like as a zombie? Zombieportraits.com is a website that can provide the answer. For $80, artist Rob Sacchetto will work from a supplied photo to create an original, hand illustrated portrait depicting the subject as a brain-eating member of the undead. We emailed Sacchetto a few questions about the service, and here’s what he had to say.

What made you decide to pursue zombie portraits as a business?

Well, i’ve been a freelance illustrator for quite some time, and before the zombie portrait thing, I really did a lot of technical heavy jobs and straight portrait work. Now, this stuff is great and all, but being a horror fan, and comic book geek, I really wanted to find a way to mesh the two and have a lot more freedom and fun drawing. It was the suggestion of my friend and webmaster, Joel Pednaud and support of my wife Andrea that really got the whole thing going.

Have you found any trends among purchasers?

Mostly, the zombie portraits are gifts, but some horror lovers or art lovers or both just get them done for the fun of it. As far as who and types, it is virtually everyone from every walk of life, from ministers to musicians, couples in their wedding garb, to tattoo enthusiasts.

Any particularly strange requests so far?

I’d like to think that any request to be turned into a zombie is kinda strange, but yeah, there have been some especially strange ones – there was a guy pulling a cocktail umbrella out of his nose, which I turned into brain matter covered in maggots – there was a couple with their newborn which I also zombified – one couple unknowingly got each other zombified for Valentine’s day. I just recently had a wrestler biting his championship belt… To me, the weirder, the better!

Have you considered doing any other customized products?

We aren’t offering specific ‘customized’ cards for each person, but on our website, we do have a variety of products available. We have four greeting cards for different occasions (get well soon, valentine, Christmas, and birthday), which are just the grossest things you’ll ever see… and offer three different zombie posters!

Are there particular characteristics you look at when trying to find a person’s inner zombie?

Yeah, some people are just naturally inclined to look like zombies, like myself, so it’s a lot easier to zombify them. Others need a little extra ‘umph’, so I’ll concentrate on maybe the eyes or jaw, teeth or nose and really open up these areas with an excessive mangling!

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