Final EON recording made available

Mark Moore (S’Express) has made available ‘Last Mission Helsinki,’ a track he was working on with the late Ian B Loveday aka EON. Profiled in Chaos Control back in 1993, EON was behind such techno / rave classics as “Spice” and “Basket Case.” Moore posted the following to members of his facebook group.:

“Here is the track that I was working on with Ian B just before he passed away. For a long time I wasn’t able to go back and finish it but here it is now. It’s the last track Eon recorded and I figured it would be good to put it up for all to download. Please feel free to pass it around, I’m sure Ian would be happy to give it out to everyone. (Thanks to Leila Arab and Paul Freegard for post-production tweaks)”

Use the player below the hear the track.

‘Last Mission Helsinki’ by Eon Vs S’Express by markmoore01

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