Ilima Considine and The Sexbots

With The Sexbots, trans-disciplinary artist Ilima Considine has created a musical project very different from a traditional ‘band.’ Having been approached by various producers/beatmakers about collaborating, Considine chose to tie the various works into a cohesive project that could be promoted and fleshed out into live performances and videos. “Don’t Stop,” the first full-length album … Read moreIlima Considine and The Sexbots

In The Nursery

From their more industrial early work to their later explorations of classical and ambient sounds, In The Nursery have always had a cinematic edge to their music. Comprised of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone, the group has taken this aspect of their sound to the next level in recent years with their Optical Music … Read moreIn The Nursery