CD Review: Gary Numan, “Jagged”

Gary NumanGary Numan has really been hit and miss over the years. He’s never put out a completely BAD album, but when not in top form can be a bit on the bland side. Fortunately, this new release ranks up there as one of his best since the early 80’s. “Jagged” is a very dark and aggressive album, but the production keeps the thrashing guitars and industrial noise restrained enough for Numan’s distinctive voice can really shine. The occasional generic sounding guitar riff brings things down a bit, but overall the disc has some great sweeping choruses and strong melodic hooks. “Jagged” is a very solid release that should satisfy long-time fans and appeal to anyone who likes dark electronic/rock hybrids. Just don’t expect the next “Cars,” as Numan is definitely NOT on the retro bandwagon.

Click here to read an interview we did with Gary Numan in 2000.

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