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Alex Bloom interviewed about his second album, “Chaos/Control”

With his second album, Chaos/Control, LA-based indie artist Alex Bloom strived to push beyond his comfort zone and explore more of his musical influences. While still generally maintaining a low-key melodic rock sound, the album sees Bloom experimenting with a wider variety of song structures and instrumentation. In a phone interview, Bloom discussed the making of Chaos/Control, as well as how it came to have the same name as this website.

The Ritualists frontman Christian Dryden interviewed about the formation of the band and their debut album, “Painted People”

On their debut album, “Painted People,” NYC-based band The Ritualists showcase an intense, theatrical post-punk sound that seamlessly blends a variety of influences. The music can be dark and abrasive while also full of melodic hooks and soaring choruses. There is a strong glam rock undercurrent, but The Ritualists never come across as trying to emulate a particular style. Strong songwriting and creative arrangments make their influences coalesce into a sound all their own.

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