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Cinema Cinema embrace improvisation with CCXMD

New York-based experimental art-punk duo Cinema Cinema has always made unique music, but their newly released fifth album CCXMD is a radical departure from anything they’ve done before. Cousins Ev Gold (vocals/guitar) and Paul Claro (drums) teamed up with noted jazz musician Matt Darriau to record an entirely improvised set of material that was then edited down to an album. The result is atmospheric, noisy, and chaotic, and it sounds like nothing else.

Emily Capell talks about her debut album, “Combat Frock”

Having put out three EPs previously, North West Londoner Emily Capell has now released her debut full-length album, “Combat Frock.” The title is an obvious nod to The Clash, one of Capell’s favorite bands, and is just one example of the singer/songwriter creatively referencing the music she loves. Influences of ska, indie rock, pop, punk, and other styles are apparent on Combat Frock, and they combine to make the perfect foundation of Capell’s witty lyrics and catchy vocal melodies. Capell is currently opening for The Selecter on their 40th Anniversary tour.

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