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Andy Rourke (The Smiths) talks about teaming up with KAV (ex Happy Mondays) as Blitz Vega

Featuring bassist Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and frontman/guitarist KAV (formerly of Happy Mondays), Blitz Vega creates heavy yet danceable music with driving guitar hooks and powerful vocals. The two musicians had discussed working together for years but only recently found their schedules aligned. So far, Blitz Vega has put out a single, “Hey Christo,” and they will be following it up with an EP recorded live in-studio (no overdubs) at the legendary Abbey Road Studio.

Cubanate Marc Heal and Phil Barry

Marc Heal talks about the return of Cubanate with “Kolossus”

Having returned to live performance in 2016, Cubanate have now put out “Kolossus,” their first new release in over two decades. Founding members Marc Heal and Phil Barry have managed to update their aggressive electronic-rock sound while remaining true to their 90s musical output.

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