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Josephine Wiggs of The Breeders juxtaposes a variety of styles with her new solo release, “We Fall”

Josephine Wiggs has, in recent years, been back with The Breeders, but she has also found the time to create a fantastic new solo release, “We Fall.” The primarily instrumental album juxtaposes a variety of styles, including ambient, rock, classical and experimental. Atmospheric yet highly melodic, the compositions instantly draw in the listener. Wiggs has truly created an album that sounds like nothing else.

Interdisciplinary artist Danielle de Picciotto talks about her new solo album, DELIVERANCE

“Deliverance” is the new solo release from Danielle de Picciotto, an interdisciplinary artist who has been involved with many collaborations over the years. Having moved from New York to Berlin in 1987, Danielle was the co-founder of the Berlin Love Parade and has performed and exhibited with Crime & The City Solution, Gudrun Gut, The Space Cowboys, and her husband Alexander Hacke, a founding member of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

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