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Current Features

Stereo MC's

stereo_mcsStereo MC's frontman Rob B interviewed about the evolution of the band, returning to their underground roots and more.  Read more

En Esch

en_eschEn Esch is back with SPĂ„NK!, his first solo album since 1993. Read our interview, as well as his replies to readers' questions.  Read more

September Mourning

september_mourningVocalist/founder September interviewed about ambitious new transmedia project that will include an album, comic, and more.  Read more

Jane Badler

jane-badlerJane Badler talks about launching a singing career, her current album "Opus" and looks back at playing Diana in the TV series "V".  Read more

Gang of Four

gang-of-fourGang of Four are back with "What Happens Next." Andy Gill talks about the new line-up and the group's long career.  Read more

The Use

Michael-Durek-the-useElectronic musician Michael Durek interviewed about the making of WHAT'S THE USE and his general creative process.  Read more

Simple Minds

Simple Minds Jim Kerr interviewJim Kerr talks about "Big Music," the new album from Simple Minds that rivals any previous work from their long career.  Read more


Digitalism Jens 'Jence' Moelle and Ismail 'Isi' Tufekci of German band Digitalism discuss their ever-changing electronic sound.  Read more


KMFDM Sascha Konietzko interview Sascha Konietzko talks about the new KMFDM album, "Our Time Will Come," the upcoming KMFDM sound library, and more.  Read more

Knox Chandler

knox-chandler-interviewKnox Chandler combines improvised guitar with extensive audio manipulation to create unique real-time soundscapes.  Read more


chrysalideChrysalide are a highly creative electronic/industrial trio from France founded by brothers Arco and Syco Trauma.  Read more


prudeJared Louche interviewed about the formation of Prude and their debut album, "The Dark Age of Consent."  Read more