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Reg Bloor

reg-bloor-interview-2015Experimental guitarist Reg Bloor discusses her solo debut "Theme from an Imaginary Slasher."  Read more

Pop Will Eat Itself

pwei_2015Graham Crabb interviewed about the new PWEI album and his work with Primitive Race.  Read more

Eszter Balint

Eszter-Balint-BW2-pc-Eric-Schneider-BEszter Balint interviewed about her new album "Airless Midnight" and her recent role on “Louie.”  Read more

Primitive Race

Primitive-Race-Collage-PhotoChris Kniker interviewed about the industrial supergroup Primitive Race.  Read more

Insect Ark

Insect-Ark-pc-Chris-CarloneDana Schechter interviewed about "Portal/Well," the debut album from her solo project Insect Ark.  Read more


rasputina_2015-mainMelora Creager of celllo rock band Rasputina interviewed about the new album, "Unknown."  Read more

Juno Reactor

juno-reactor-2015Ben Watkins talks about the evolution of Juno Reactor and the new remix album, "The Golden Sun... Remixed"   Read more

Chris Connelly

Chris-Connelly-2015Chris Connelly interviewed about the making of his new solo album, “Decibels From Heart,” as well as his other projects.  Read more

Edward Ka-Spel

edward-ka-spelThe Legendary Pink Dots frontman answers reader-submitted questions about his creative process, side projects and more.  Read more

Go Fight

gofightJim Marcus interviewed about the formation of Go Fight and their recently released second album, "Napalm Baby."  Read more


ultramarine-interviewUltramarine returned after over a decade of inactivity with 2013's “This Time Last Year.” Paul Hammond discusses their return and current work.  Read more

Dom La Nena

Dom-La-Nena-SoyoBrazilian-born singer/musician Dom La Nena talks about her musical process and her amazing new album, "Soyo."  Read more